Golf Fund Raisers

Book your Outing or Tournament for July!!

Your Golf Tournament or Charity Fund Raiser

We have Saturday and Sunday dates available in July and August for Tournaments or Outings! Call the Clubhouse and plan your event now!

We have many ways in which we can raise more funds for your charities this year.  Come and speak to RJ about how you can add some simple methods to your event to increase revenue.  We want to assist you in your fundraising!

The course is in great shape and we are making many small improvements to the club!

Tanner Valley

NEW – Juniors Play FREE with a Paying Adult

That’s right! Juniors 12 years and younger can play FREE with a paying adult 7 days a week at Tanner Valley.Junior Golf

Golf can change a kids life as we’ve witnessed over and over.  Learning to tuck a shirt in, be honest and hold your head high all great life lessons.  Golf can facilitate and does create life long lessons.  Please feel free to use this perk at our course.  We want to have many juniors playing and working here with us at Tanner Valley!

Golf Lessons Syracuse

Flight Scope

Flight Scope Training Technology at Tanner Valley

Improve your game with technology at tanner Valley.  We have a Flight Scope that can measure many facts about your golf swing.  Trust me when we say that we are very careful to not to overwhelm a student with too much information but with Flight Scope we can truly see in minutes what is happening with your Club face, Path, swing speed and much much more!


Come and see what is happening in your swing!  Contact RJ Now!

Flight Scope Features

[one_half]Ball Launch & Flight
Ball Speed
Vertical Launch Angle
Horizontal Launch Angle
Vertical Descent Angle
Smash Factor
Spin Rate
Spin Axis
Carry Distance
Roll Distance
Total Distance
Lateral Landing
Apex Height
Flight Time
Shot Dispersion
Shot Distance to Pin
Skills Score[/one_half] [one_half_last]Club & Swing
Club Speed
Club Speed Profile
Club Acceleration Profile
Face to Path
Face to Target
Dynamic Loft
Angle of Attack
Club Path
Spin Loft
Swing Plane Horizontal
Swing Plane Vertical[/one_half_last]